Teaffani: Experienced and Big-Scale Catering Services (Halal)

Teaffani: Experienced and Big-Scale Catering Services

Teaffani is a highly experienced catering service specializing in large-scale events. With over 11 years of expertise, we can accommodate up to 10,000 guests for a buffet, 3,600 guests for a 9-course Chinese banquet, and 1,000 guests for Western-plateded meal. Our well-established process flow ensures smooth operations, even for complex events. Teaffani has earned a reputation for excellence and successful event delivery, making us a trusted choice for organizers of significant gatherings.

Engage us for worry-free professionalism in culinary services. We provide services for various occasions, including:

  • Wedding Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Daily Seminars / Conferences

Our renowned chefs have curated special menus for canapés/finger foods, wedding menus, 9-course Chinese banquets, western-plated meals, live stations, and more.


Teaffani 是一家经验丰富的餐饮服务公司,专门从事大型活动。凭借超过 11 年的专业经验,
我们可容纳多达 10,000 名客人的自助餐、3,600 名客人的 9 道菜中式宴会以及 1,000 名客人的西式餐点。
我们完善的流程可确保顺利运营,即使是复杂的活动也是如此。 Teaffani 因卓越和成功举办活动而赢得了声誉,
使我们成为重要聚会组织者值得信赖的选择。 与我们合作,享受无忧的专业烹饪服务。我们为各种场合提供服务,包括: 婚礼活动 企业活动 每日研讨会/会议 我们的知名厨师精心策划了特色小吃/小吃、婚礼菜单、9 道菜的中式宴会、西式盘餐、现场表演等。

Teaffani: Experienced and Big-Scale Catering Services (Halal)
JR Success Group Sdn Bhd, Teaffani Admin August 22, 2023
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