Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Thank you for making a great choice of considering Teaffani Catering for your upcoming function!! It is our honor to be able to catered for you!!All functions are treated equally special, we have categorized customer events based on the type of service requested.  Below are some information, things that you should know and some information to ensure smooth event flow.


Payment schedule & Our internal processes

RM2,000 Deposit to lock the date

1) Block Date

Balance 50% of payment 30 days before event

2) Proceed to purchase ingredients.

Balance payment 7 days before event

3) Assign Banquet Supervisors
4) Logistic Arrangement

1 day before event

5) Forward order to kitchen for necessary preparation


  • Service team will arrive 1 hour or earlier before the function starts. Time is case to case basis.
  • PIC will give customer a call prior to arrival.
  • PIC will give customer a call if there’s a need to do early set up.

Work Permit & PIC:

  • Please provide work permit form or work order from the building management of the venue.
  • We will provide the supervisor contact number 1 or 2 days before the event date.

Other Important Details:

  • Kindly advise us of the details as follow:
  • The time the venue/office operates.
  • Provide us the Person in charge or person on standby of the venue contact details

Manpower to be provided will be based on headcounts of the events.

It is best if the quantity will be based on Teaffani Sales team’s recommendation to ensure smoothness of the service flow.

Helpers Task:
Helpers will be assigned to do tasks from Teaffani Headquarters preparation to onsite preparation and until the event is finished. Helpers follow Teaffani SOP.
Our buffet attendants will:

  • Ensure that there is food on the buffet and will refill if necessary.
  • Do the clearing to ensure that the area is tidy and no plates, cups or utensils scattered.
  • The team will start to slowly pack up and clear 30 minutes before the end of the function to remove some equipment and empty trays.

Manpower to be provided will be based on the helper quantity the customer requested. It is best if the quantity will be based on Teaffani Sales team’s recommendation to ensure smoothness of the service flow.
Helpers Task:
Helpers will be assigned to do tasks from Teaffani Headquarters preparation to onsite preparation and until the event is finished.

On the spot requests: (Please note that additional charges may apply)
Ex. Serving additional drinks or serving another area in the venue. (Ad hoc tasks) Please be advised that the service will be slower than expected since manpower is just enough to perform service per our service team’s service delivery SOP.

It is best to follow what is recommended when it comes to helpers quantity?
As an experienced caterers, we have faced a lot of scenarios, good and bad.  Factors that shall be considered when deciding on the helpers/server quantity:

  • Area

How far is the work station from the actual event venue?
How many areas has to be served?

  • Quantity of food and drinks to be served
  • Any VIPs or VVIPs?
  • A chef and kitchen crew services has to be rendered to do food plating, food presentation and garnishing (if necessary).
  • we avoid impromptu requests that are beyond our scope as much as possible

Additional Service: (Please note that additional charges may apply)
Please let us know in advance to avoid any delays on providing the service.

Briefing / Zoning / Area Assignment:

  • Enough clean space to serve as our Team’s work station is necessary since all food will be prepared and plated in this area.
  • Our team will have a briefing before the function starts to discuss about zoning the area / waiter assignments.
  • “It will be best if you can join the briefing to ensure that all tasks and information will be well cascaded and expectations are set.”

***Food being served will be at room temperature since food are not placed in chafing dish or food warmers.
***Time to prepare is longer since the preparation of food is done one by one, piece per piece unlike those in buffet style service.
***Food allocation varies per dish item. Please contact sales to get more information should you wish to be more specific on the quantity.
***Canape Food / Finger Food are served in bite-size portions as these are items being served advisably during cocktail parties or stand up parties. There for these are recommended for light consumption only. It is best to take buffet food or menu should your function is dinner time or the intent is for the guests to have dinner.

Are you Halal caterer?
Yes, we are a certified halal caterer by Jakim. Number Siri A104773.

Can I get furniture FOC like guest tables and chairs?
As much as we want to provide furniture without extra cost, we regret that it is not possible as of the moment as we have a third party supplier for the furniture.  Please contact our Sales Team to inquire about the prices.

How Many Buffet Lines do I need?
The number of buffet lines depends on the number of guests, food and the size of the venue area.  You may contact our Customer Relations team so we may advise you.

Is there a minimum pax requirement and surcharge?
Yes. The minimum pax depends on the package requirement. However, should the number of your guests is less than minimum pax, we can still provide you service provided that the headcount is not less than 20 and the total cost is at least RM1,500 before SST. (This is subject to Teaffani Catering Management’s approval)

Can you come over and have a look at my event venue?

Yes, we can arrange and send one of our Event Supervisors to visit the venue should it be necessary. Our Event Supervisor will advise you of the buffet set up and things that you need to know to make the event flow smoothly.  We require an advance notification, should you wish us to do site viewing.  (Not less than 14 working days and subject to availability) Additional charges may apply.

For Standard buffet arrangement of less than 500 pax, the arrangement are straight forward and do not necessary require site recce. However if you are still concerned, please share with us - some photos of the setup area - approved loading bay document (if required by corporate building) - loading bay instruction (if any) - sufficient space to display our buffet line spread (space of 3ft x 21ft / buffet line / 200 pax) 

Can I pack my left over food after the event?
In compliance with HACCP and to ensure safety of our guests, we discourage our clients to take home left over food.  Although we maintain food quality all throughout the function by heating and keeping it warm, we highly recommend that the food be consumed within 3 to 4 hours from the delivery time.  We wouldn’t want the risk of having our customers be admitted or hospitalized due to eating spoilt food.  The company will not be held responsible for any concerns related to food poisoning and food contamination if it is due to consumption of take home left overs.

Food Tasting Important Information

Do you provide food tasting?
Please arrange an appointment with our Customer Relations Team. We will advise you of the dishes we have available for food tasting.


  • A Handling fee of RM300 + the cost of the food will be applied on every food tasting sessions. 
  • “Why is there a handling charge of RM300?”
    As we are a 100% catering company, our kitchen operates exclusively just for scheduled food tasting thus the handling fee.
  • If your total billing exceeds RM20,000 net, the cost of the food tasting will be refunded (in the form of a discount) on your actual bill, minus the initial handling fee (RM300).  
  • Food Tasting is offered for variety of dishes in the menu except for a few that are needed to be prepared and served in bulk. Some of it are: Malay Kuih, Sensational Street Food Dishes, Lamb and Beef dishes and some canape dishes. Please check with assigned Customer Relations Executive for assistance.
  • Food Tasting Sessions are subject to availability. It is only available on Monday and Tuesday at 11am and 1pm noon (2 slots) and is on a first come, first served basis. If the date is fully booked with events, Teaffani Catering team will offer an alternative date and time. Other days are subject to availability. It is advisable to conduct food tasting at least 2 months before your event.
  • Food Tasting Sessions are every Monday and Tuesday at 11 am or 1 pm and are on a first-come, first-served basis. If the date is fully booked with events, Teaffani Catering team will offer an alternative date and time. Weekends may be considered given that the date is not fully booked with events and only at 11 am.
  • The food tasting venue will be held at our central kitchen which is not in a restaurant setting. Food presentation and set up vary.
  • If the cancellation of the food tasting session occurs within 48 hours, 50% of the fee will be forfeited/billed. This is because certain items, such as defrosting meat and cutting vegetables, are purchased and prepared in advance.


What time will your team arrive at the venue?
Our standard arrival time is 1 hour before the start of the event or earlier. This varies on how complexed the set up required will be. Our team can arrive earlier but definitely all is set and prepared before the function starts. It is not adviseable for the team to come early to ensure freshness and maintain food quality.

What if I need the set up to be done a day before? Is it possible? Are there additional charges?
One day earlier set up can be arranged.There will be a minimal fee for early set up, and the price depends on the location. Please check with our Customer Relations Team to get the actual amount.

Will someone contact me on the day of my event?
Yes.  The supervisor in charge of your event will give you a call to advise you of the estimated time of arrival before they leave our premise.  The supervisor details will be sent to you via email 1 – 2 days befor the event day.

What is the deadline to confirm?
We require confirmation at least 7 working days before the event day and is based on first come, first served.  Please note that only limited slots are available and the dates are subject to availability.  We understand that there might be last minute functions, please give us a call should this be the case to check on date availability.  Extra charges may apply.

Can I upgrade my crockery?
Yes.  For a minimal fee, you have the option to upgrade your crockery to porcelain ware and high ball glasses.

What if I don’t need helpers?
We offer Food Drop Off Service with Buffet Line set up rental.  Please contact our Customer Relations Team for more details.

What is the portion of the food provided like?
Food portion depends on the dish.  You may contact our Customer Relations for further information.

Do you provide exactly for the number of headcount that I ordered or will there be extra?
We provide food based on the quantity (number of headcount) ordered. Kindly check our our portioning video for more info. Since it is the customers who know their guests better, It is always best if you order extra to ensure sufficient food.  It is always better to have more than less.

Please click on the link below to find out about our food portion
Food Portion Video

Currently, we are pleased to offer our services in Pahang, including wonderful locations like Janda Baik and Bentong. For locations exceeding 40km radius of our Central Kitchen, there will be a minimum spending of RM20,000 per event.

As for other states, we will handle each request on an individual basis, taking into consideration availability and specific circumstances.

 Confirmation & Payment Policy
RM2,000 (non-refundable) : to block the date
50% deposit 30 days before event date : to proceed to order necessary ingredients
balance payment 14 days before event date : to send job order to kitchen, assign banquet supervisors, arrange logistics.

What are your available modes of payment?
We accept payment thru direct bank deposit, online bank transfer & credit card (Visa or Master Card Only).  Payments via PayPal are also accepted.  Please contact our Customer Relations Team to inquire about our flexible payment terms

All cheques must be crossed and made payable to
JR Success Group Sdn Bhd
Bank: CIMB Bank 
AC# 8001 3492 71

What are the charges like for Holiday and Holiday Eve?
The follow rate applies to all Malaysia public holiday & holiday eve. 
Additional 20% surcharge on the food menu and 2x charges for the manpower.

For More information, please visit