Festive Menu

Indulge in our festive feast with savory roasts, delectable sides, and sweet treats—perfect for your joyful Christmas celebration!

Christmas Package A RM59.90/pax*(ex sst)

Min (50 pax)- Price inclusive of servers & basic table setup with Bio disposable & stainless steel cutleries

Christmas Catering Services

1.Roasted Pumpkin Soup w Rustic Toast

Appetizer/ Vegetables
2. German Potato Salad
3. Garlic Butter Seasonal Vegetables

4. Buttered Raisin Rice
5. Roasted Marinara Pasta

6. Roasted Chicken Chop w Rosemary Sauce
7. Battered Fish Fillet w Tartar Dip

8. Chicken Nugget
9. BBQ Chicken Bites

10. Assorted Tropical Fruits
11. Assorted Mini Western Cakes
12. Bread Butter Pudding
13. Chilled Fruit Cocktail
14. Chocolate Bites

15. Ice Peach Tea
16. Iced Detox Water with Fruit Slices

Christmas Package B RM89.90/pax*(ex sst)

Min (50 pax)- Price inclusive of servers & basic table setup with Bio disposable & stainless steel cutleries

Christmas Catering Services

1. Wild Mushroom Soup w Rustic Toast

Appetizer/ Vegetables
2. German Potato Salad
3. Classic Chilled Coleslaw
4.Garlic Butter Seasonal Vegetables
5. Fresh Garden Salad (Pesticide Free)

6. Buttered Raisin Rice
Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese

7. Grilled Mexicana Chicken w Tomato Salsa
8. Smoked Papprika Honey Garlic Chicken Wings
9. Baked Salmon Fillet w Tomato Herb Sauce
10. Grilled Lamb Shoulder w Rosemary Sauce
11. Rumbledethumps (Scottish Potato Ham Pie)

12. Chicken Nugget
13. BBQ Chicken Bites
14. Honey Glaze Cocktail Sausage

15. Assorted Panna Cotta
16. Assorted Mini Western Cakes
17. Bread Butter Pudding
18. Chilled Fruit Cocktail
19. Chocolate Bites

20. Ice Peach Tea
21. Iced Detox Water with Fruit Slices


Teaffani Roast whole Chicken
Roasted Whole Chicken
- RM200/bird (Good for 10-12pax)
min 2 birds
- inc chef on site
Chrsitmas Catering Services
Oven Baked Turkey w Stuffing & Gravy
- RM689/bird (Good for 20pax)
subject to availability
- inc chef on site
teaffani catering services
Live Carving - Sous vide Beef Ribeye w Beef Au Jus
- RM689/Unit Good for 20-30pax)
subject to availability
- inc chef on site
grilled chicken on brown steel griller
Herb Leg of Lamb w Rosemary Au Jus & Mint Sauce
- RM480/Unit Good for 20-30pax)
subject to availability
- inc chef on site

Teaffani Mocktail Catering
Mokctail Catering Services - 
Starting from RM 20 / pp
  • Selection of ONE (1) x House Mocktail

Include - Bar mixologist,  Glassware, Standard Bar Setuphttps://www.teaffani.com/menu/beverages

Christmas Buffet FAQ

Package price are inclusive of 
1) Manpower/Server (standard duty, 3 hours)
2) Simple Buffet table set up (Excluding Dining Table & Chairs)
3) Bio-disposable ware & Stainless Steel Cutleries

Melamine Upgrade RM5 per pax
Porcelain Upgrade RM12 per pax

Transportation Charges as per below
RM120 within Klang Valley
RM600 Cyberjaya/Putrajaya/Port Klang
Please contact us for other areas

For areas without proper loading lift,
RM150 per Floor or Min additional 2 manpower 
(Please note that Teaffani will not be held responsible for any delays in service time if the venue lacks a lift and this information is not communicated in advance. It is important to inform Teaffani about any logistical constraints or limitations at the venue to ensure a smooth and timely service.)

For orders less than 50 pax, 

1) manpower charges will be billed separately. Min 2 manpower/server per event
RM160 per manpower/3 hours event.

2) buffet Line setup, equipment and handling charges will be billed separately at RM150 per event/buffet setup

There is a minimum spending of RM2,000 (excluding SST) per event for Festive Buffet.

Food Portion

What is the portion of the food provided like?
Food portion depends on the dish.  You may contact our Customer Relations for further information.

Do you provide exactly for the number of headcount that I ordered or will there be extra?
We provide food based on the quantity (number of headcount) ordered. Kindly check our our portioning video for more info. Since it is the customers who know their guests better, It is always best if you order extra to ensure sufficient food.  It is always better to have more than less.

Please click on the link below to find out about our food portion
Food Portion Video

To inquire about the special rate for groups exceeding 200 Pax, kindly reach out to us

Exceeding 8 hours services
- RM25 per manpower per hour

After midnight (12am)
- RM50 per manpower per hour

Odd Hours Request
Our standard operation hours is from 9am till 11pm. Odd Hours Request is available at
RM25 - RM50 per manpower per hour

*manpower is assigned based on your event pax, kindly refer to https://www.teaffani.com/faq

To ensure safety of our guests, we discourage our clients to take away left over food. Although we maintain food quality all throughout the function by heating and keeping it warm, based on food safety guideline, it is highly recommend that the food be consumed within 3 hours from the serving time. We wouldn’t want to risk of having our customers be admitted or hospitalized due to consuming contaminated food. The company will not be held responsible for any concerns related to food poisoning and food contamination if it is due to consumption after the recommended guideline.

For Standard buffet packages, the arrangement are straight forward and do not necessary require site recce. However, if you are still concerned, please share with us
- some photos of the setup area
- approved Loading bay document (if required by corporate building)
- loading bay instruction (if any)
- Sufficient space to display our buffet line spread (Space of 3ft x 21ft / buffet line / 200 Pax)
- Brief our event supervisor on-site when they arrived on event date.

​Additional charges (from RM300 depending on location) may be applicable for necessary site recce, subject to schedule availability.

Festive menu has a minimum spending of RM2,000 (excluding SST) per event 

For More information, please visit